German engineered to help you get to market quickly and with quality, Z-Pi 7 is an Aeotec-built development kit that lets you adapt existing hardware to work with Z-Wave

Comparing Z-Pi 7

Whether in USB or daughter-board format, Aeotec has shipped hundreds-of-thousands of development and antenna units which our partners and customers depend on to build their own gateway solutions. And while they empower the same outcome, there are large points of difference between Z-Pi 7 and Z-Stick Gen5+.

  Z-Pi 7 Z-Stick Gen5+ Z-Stick Gen5
Platforms Developed for Raspberry Pi, Unix Mac, Unix, Windows Mac, Unix, Windows
Z-Wave Plus Yes Yes Yes
700 series Yes No No
Gen7 Yes No No
SmartStart Yes Yes No
S2 security Yes Yes No. Up to S0 only
Z-Wave library 7.11.0 or later up to 6.81.06 up to 6.51.10
Controller type Bridge controller Static controller Static controller
Z-Wave Chip EFR32ZG14 ZM5101 ZM5101
Backup compatible Yes Yes Only with custom software
Hardware Installation GPIO connection USB USB
Power supply GPIO DC 3.3V USB DC 4.75 to 5.25 V USB DC 4.75 to 5.25 V
Max operating current 75 mA 98 mA 98 mA
Built in rechargable battery No Yes Yes
Transmit sensitivity 9.3 dBm 2.91 dBm 2.91 dBm
Receive sensitivity -97.5 dBm -90 dBm -90 dBm
Product Dimensions 42 x 35 x 12 mm 88 x 28.5 x 10 mm 88 x 28.5 x 10 mm
CPU speed 39 MHz
21.8% greater CPU speed
32 MHz 32 MHz
SRAM Memory 32 kB
2x greater memory
16 kB 16 kB
Flash Memory 256 kB
2x greater memory
128 kB 128 kB
Wireless range (indoors)
908.4MHz model
More than 70 metres
More than 230ft
Up to 75 metres Up to 75 metres
Wireless range (indoors)
868.4MHz model
More than 60 metres
More than 197ft
Up to 75 metres Up to 75 metres
Wireless range (outdoors) Greater than 200 metres Up to 150 metres
Up to 400 metres in PA mode
Up to 150 metres
Up to 400 metres in PA mode
Best for Gateway makers, RPi users DIY users DIY users

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